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S&B FIlter Wrap (WF-1032)

Part Number: WF-1032
Availability: Ships From Manufacturer
Price: $30.95
An S&B Filter Wrap is a great addition to your S&B Performance Cold Air Intake Kit. The Filter Wrap extends the time between filter cleanings by preventing large debris like leaves and bugs from getting embedded in the pleats of the filter. If needed, you can occasionally slip the filter wrap off, rinse it and reinstall it without needing to clean the actual filter. When it is time to clean the filter itself, you will find the process easier and quicker because of what the filter wrap kept out of the filter media. This is one of those upgrades that pays for itself in saved time alone!

When choosing a filter wrap on our website, it is best to start from the page with either your S&B Performance Cold Air Intake Kit, or the correct replacement filter for your S&B intake. You can also use THIS PAGE on the S&B website to locate your pre-filter part number if needed.

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