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DRIVEN DIESEL Fuel System Products

DRIVEN DIESEL is the leading producer of Powerstroke fuel system kits in the diesel performance industry. We have been producing Powerstroke fuel system kits for over 20 years, first under the "ITP Diesel" brand, and now under the current DRIVEN DIESEL brand (after ITP merged with Strictly Diesel in 2010). Our Powerstroke fuel system experience goes back to the earliest days of Powerstroke modifications. We were part of a small group of truck owners that worked together via the internet forums (dang, that shows my age) trying all of the different fuel system configurations we could think of to resolve the dreaded "Cackle & Knock". We experimented with different flow paths and different fuel pressures, and even different pressure regulator locations. We were also part of the group that retested and validated Mark Hutchison's (the "Hutch" in "Hutch Mod") fuel tank discoveries.

Over the years, DRIVEN DIESEL has been responsible for a number of "firsts" in Powerstroke fuel systems:

  • First (and still only) 7.3L Regulated Return with Billet Return Fitting to Maintain Factory Fuel Filter Air Bleed
  • First 6.0L Regulated Return with Billet Return Fitting to Maintain Factory Fuel Filter Air Bleed (now copied by others)
  • First 7.3L and 6.0L FUEL BOWL DELETE Regulated Return Kits (many followers don't even know why these were developed to begin with)
  • First Aftermarket Regulated Return to use Bent Stainless Steel Tubing (high heat or tight bend areas) Instead of Just Hose
  • First 7.3L and 6.0L True Custom High Flow Banjo Bolts (not modified OEM units)
  • First Truly Complete (and still best selling) "Hutch Mod" with Stainless Tubing, Steel Fittings and Spin-On Filter

DRIVEN DIESEL fuel system product designs are always thoroughly tested for optimal performance and reliability before being released. Today, 20 years later, we literally have thousands of "Hutch Mod" and "Regulated Return" kits on the street, with millions of miles logged by truck owners. We take Extreme Pride in our uncompromising approach to producing every DRIVEN DIESEL product, and we are Unapologetic about our goal to use as much USA MADE material as possible. To that end, we can say that ALL of the following will ALWAYS be 100% MADE IN THE USA:

  • ALL Custom Billet Aluminum and Billet Steel Parts (US Material whenever possible, Machined on our In-House Ganesh CNC Equipment)
  • ALL System Bracketry (US Material whenever possible, Cut/Bent/Welded/Powdercoated in Arizona)
  • ALL Hose Assemblies (US Made Hose, Covering and Hose Ends, Assembled in Indiana)
  • ALL CNC Bent Tubing Assemblies (US Material whenever possible, Cut/Bent/Assembled in Indiana)
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators (Made in Illinois by Fuelab)
  • Fuel Filters (We Use US Made Baldwin Filters unless availability forces otherwise)