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  • "Great kit. I installed this on my 2001 last weekend. Great instructions. The hardest step was actually getting the fuel lines unhooked-they are different than the ones in the instructions, no tool required, just a push tab. I would strongly recommend buying the fuel pickup screen when you order this kit, mine was in tiny pieces in the bottom of my tank. You don't want to find out you need it after you have the tank on the ground."
    Griff L. Driven Diesel Fuel Tank / Pre-Pump Kit (Hutch Mod)
  • "After seriously considering the goals I have for my truck (longevity and reliability being at the top), I decided to purchase this kit. My Ford dealer said they had not installed a regulated return kit before, but they have seen a few already on trucks. They took a look at the instructions and said they could do it in 4-6 hours at a (discounted) rate of $75 per hour. I then determined to do it myself. This is rated as a "difficult" install - with which I would definitely agree unless the engine was pulled ;-) Because I had 2 new banjo bolts and 4 copper washers to begin with and a full set of 4 bolts and 8 washers came in this kit, I had some extras. The extra washers came in handy, as they are often difficult to place and I admit I lost one or two of them. Though the regulated return install took me more than 6 hours (would be easier without a second alternator or with the engine pulled), I am glad I did it myself. After seeing everything myself and putting my own hands on it, there is no denying that this is the way the truck should have come from the factory. There are even brackets on the rear of the engine that help route the rear fuel lines, though the fuel lines didn't come stock on this engine (makes you wonder, doesn't it). This is truly one of those upgrades that makes me smile on the inside. It's not anything flashy. It won't draw any attention as you drive down the road, but I believe it will allow you to drive down the road further, more reliably and with lower repair costs than the guy next to you."
    Peter G. Driven Diesel Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
  • "My truck had an oil leak wasn't sure where the leak was . till i found out the mechanic told me how much it would cost me to fix it (1100.00) no no way so once again look to strictly diesel dennis assured me this was (THE FIX I NEEDED) ok i said .. HOLY CRAP IT WORKS .. Took it back to the same mechanic and showed him ... i'm a long time customer thank you will martin"
    Will M. Strictly Diesel Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit


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