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S&B Repl Filter - Oiled (KF-1053)

Part Number: KF-1053
Availability: Ships From Manufacturer
Price: $69.00
S&B Replacement OILED Filter (Pre-Oiled, Ready to Install)

This filter can be washed and re-oiled using an S&B Filters Cleaning Kit. DO NOT use compressed air to clean an oiled cotton filter as it will damage the filter media! An S&B Filter Wrap can be used to keep larger debris and bugs out of the pleats and extend the lift of the filter.

Many replacement filters look similar, make sure you are ordering the correct filter for your S&B Intake. The S&B Filters website has a tool to help identify which filter you need, CLICK HERE for S&B Filter Tool. If you do not see the filter you need on our website, feel free to call us at 623-582-4404 to place your order.

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