Strictly Diesel will be CLOSED on Memorial Day to Honor those that Paid The Ultimate Price for our Freedoms!
A Holiday and "THANK YOU!" will Never be enough!
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No Coupons, No Rebates, No Handling Fees, No Hidden Charges, No Gimmicks, No Games...


Our product pricing philosophy is simple: Offer the Best Possible Price for EVERY Product that we sell, All The Time, without exception. We don't believe in running fake sale promotions, we don't show MSRP or Phony Marked-Up prices so we can make a big deal about our "discounted" or "sale" prices, we don't offer phony rebates or coupons and we don't make up for our low pricing by charging "order processing" or "handling" fees. Instead, you can count on us to always price every product as low as we possibly can without violating the pricing policies of our suppliers and manufacturers. This keeps us in the good graces of our suppliers and ensures that our customers will get product that still carries a full warranty and will still be supported by its manufacturer.

NOTE: The manufacturers of many of the products we offer have instituted a "Minimum Advertised Price" (MAP) policy. This is done to protect the value of the merchandise and help all legitimate vendors of that product make an acceptable profit. In order to continue to offer the Best Products and maintain the Excellent Relationships that we have with our suppliers, Strictly Diesel will adhere to all MAP policies, without exception. Customers should be aware of the fact that many manufacturers are now considering resellers that violate MAP or Auction Site policies to be "UNAUTHORIZED"...and products not purchased through an Authorized Dealer may not qualify for the Manufacturers Limited Warranty! Some manufacturers are so serious about these policies that they are even publishing their list of "unauthorized" or "terminated" dealers right on their websites.


We sometimes get asked about special discounts for groups like Military, Fire Fighters, Internet Forum Members, etc. Over the years we've come to realize that just about all of our customers belong to one or more of these groups, particularly the internet forums since we sponsor so many of them. Since our pricing is already "best possible all the time" (per the above policy), we don't offer any special discounts for any particular groups.


Product prices subject to change without notice. Order totals may be adjusted (with notice to the customer) to correct for typos or other errors. This includes expired promotions, incorrect shipping calculations or other website problems that could lead to an incorrect order total.

If you have any questions about our pricing policy, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!