Strictly Diesel will be CLOSED on Memorial Day to Honor those that Paid The Ultimate Price for our Freedoms!
A Holiday and "THANK YOU!" will Never be enough!
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At Strictly Diesel, our commitment to customer satisfaction starts long before you shop for products in our webstore or bring your truck in for service. We realize that you have many options when it comes to choosing a shop to work on your truck or provide you with parts and we are working continuously to ensure that every experience with Strictly Diesel is a positive one. We have staffed our shop with a great group of employees that care about our customers and can be counted on to be up-front and honest in their recommendations for your vehicle. Additionally, we are one of the few shops that will actually talk you out of spending money on products that are not in your best interest. When it comes to aftermarket or performance upgrades, we take the time to listen to and assess your wants and needs and make recommendations that fit your particular situation. We sincerely hope that our efforts to provide the best products and customer service will earn your business today, as well as your future and referral business.

If you have had an excellent experience with Strictly Diesel, we would love to hear about it. As has always been the case in our line of work, satisfied customers generally go quietly about their business and we only seem to hear from those who are unhappy about some part of their experience...the old “no news is good news” phenomenon. Truth be told, we would like to change that because nothing makes us feel better than hearing from a customer that we performed our jobs as good, if not better than expected. If we have earned your business by meeting or exceeding your expectations with regard to product we have supplied, service we have performed or the level of customer service we have provided, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share your thoughts with us and other potential customers by writing a short review for the internet. Popular sites for these types of reviews are:

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Of course, we are still human and we will sometimes make mistakes. We always welcome anyone who is unhappy with any part of their experience with Strictly Diesel to contact us to discuss their concerns. Please ask for one of us by name, we take customer service seriously and feel that an unhappy customer deserves to speak directly with management. We promise to do our best to resolve any concerns you may have and hope that we can earn your future business.


Dennis Schroeder
Co-Owner / Manager
Aftermarket / Parts / Mail Order
Nate Brekken
Co-Owner / Manager
Service / Repair / Installation