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Here you will find articles that we have written to try to answer the most commonly asked questions about our products or services. To make it easier to locate information that pertains to your vehicle, we will group the FAQ articles by vehicle/engine. This page is a "work in progress", we will update it as often as we can.

1994-1997 Ford "Old Body Style / OBS" Pickup with 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel:

Electric Fuel System Conversion - Tips and FAQ Document (pdf format)

1999-2003 Ford Super Duty with 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel:

Replacement / Performance Fuel Pump Selection (pdf format)

2003-2007 Ford Super Duty with 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel:

6.0L Fuel System Banjo Bolts - Why the Bad Rap? (pdf format)
Replacement / Performance Fuel Pump Selection (pdf format)
Why Use Only Ford/Motorcraft Oil and Fuel Filters? (pdf format)