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Ford 94-97 7.3L Powerstroke Cold Air Intake - Dry (75-5131D)

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Part Number: 75-5131D75-5131D
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Price: $349.00
S&B Dry Cold Air Intake (75-5131D)

Upgrade to an S&B Cold Air Intake to Maximize Horsepower and Torque while still protecting your engine.

More Airflow = Improved Performance
S&B intakes are designed to be Less Restrictive. The S&B intake tube has minimal bends as it connects to the turbo inlet. These details result in a significant decrease in restriction compared to the stock intake.

Integrated Hood Scoop
The OBS Intake kit features an integrated hood scoop that feeds more air to the filter. More airflow equals better performance.

Quick and Easy Install


  • Dry Extendable Air Filter
  • Increased Power & Performance
  • New Clear Snap Filter Lid For Easy Inspection
  • Minimal Bends For Maximum Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ford 94-97 7.3L Powerstroke Cold Air Intake - Dry (75-5131D) fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 1994 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1995 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1996 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1997 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L