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Driven Diesel 5/8" Fuel Line Shut-Off Valve

Part Number: DD-5/8-ShutOff
Availability: In Stock
Price: $39.95
This Shut-Off Valve Kit provides the ability to interrupt fuel flow from the fuel tank to the Pre-Pump Filter, without restricting flow to your high performance fuel pump. This will reduce the mess associated with changing filter cartridges, no more continuous siphoning of fuel from your fuel tank.

This kit fits any fuel system using 5/8" (#10) PUSH-LOK hose. The kit includes a quality ball valve, push-lok inlet and outlet fittings and clamps. Simply assemble the valve and fittings, cut your fuel line and install.

The fittings and valve have tapered pipe threads, so sealant or Teflon tape is required.

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