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Battery Bolt Upgrade Kit

Part Number: DD-BatteryBolt x 2
Availability: In Stock
Price: $30.00
This Special Discounted 2-PACK of our custom Accessory Battery Bolts is offered ONLY to customers that are purchasing one of our fuel pump harnesses (either OBS or "Large Terminal Universal"). Simply select the "Add Battery Bolt Upgrade Kit" option on the ordering page for the fuel pump harness to receive a pair of these battery bolts at a discounted rate. THIS IS NOT THE REGULAR PRICE FOR THIS PRODUCT, THIS SPECIAL PRICE IS FOR HARNESS UPGRADE CUSTOMERS ONLY!

If you are NOT purchasing a wiring harness, Click HERE for pricing and information on ordering this product.

These Driven Diesel Accessory Battery Bolts make for a quick and clean hook-up of one of our fuel pump harnesses on any truck with the Lead style battery terminals.

NOTE: These do NOT fit vehicles with the newer style "stamped steel" battery terminal connectors. Please make sure you have the typical lead style connectors as shown in the photo before ordering.

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