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Filter Head Ball Valve

Part Number: MV08FM
Availability: In Stock
Price: $9.95

This ball valve can be used with our Fuel Filter Base to make changing filters easier and cleaner. Simply remove the existing fitting from the filter head, install the ball valve in its place, and re-install the original fitting into the ball valve. Then, just close the valve(s) before removing the fuel filter and enjoy making less of a mess! These valves have 1/2" Tapered National Pipe Thread (NPT) inlets/outlets, so they will require the use of teflon tape or another pipe sealant.

NOTE : There is NOT enough clearance to get (2) of these valves next to each other (on the same side) on our filter bases, even with the handles removed. If you are working on a filter that has the inlet and outlet on OPPOSITE sides (typical PRE-PUMP installation), you can get 2 valves. If you are working on a filter that has the inlet and outlet on THE SAME SIDE (like our typical POST-PUMP installation), you can only use 1 valve. In this case, we generally recommend putting the valve on the inlet of the filter head (line from the fuel tank).

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1. on 2/21/2017, said:
4 stars out of 5
I like the idea of introducing minimal air into my fuel system when changing the filter, so this is a good addition to the hutch mod kit. My one observation with these valves is that once installed, they can interfere with the filter installation, as the valve handle is too close to the barrel of the filter when oriented in the 6 o'clock position. Solving the issue was easy, just re-orient the valve shut off position to the 9 o'clock position. also, would be great if the open closed orientation was well marked on the valve. its on the handle, but will be hard to see when under a dirty truck.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Is the 1/2 inch NPT Filter Head ball valve (mini ball valve) you sell for $8.95 ea. made of Stainless Steel ?? - Anon (02/01/2015)
Response:Yes, this is a S.S. valve.