Legal ≠ RightApparently some of the businesses in our industry operate under the notion that buying and copying another companys product(s) is somehow acceptable. While I realize that this is not a new concept, and that it is only illegal if the product being copied is patented, I still have a big problem with it. In my opinion, buying a competitors product and copying it so closely that parts can interchange between the two is wrong. Just because such behavior is techically legal doesn't mean that it's "right"...and I'm positive I'm not the only person that considers it to be on the same level as theft.

Unfortunately, in todays Diesel Performance market, there are several companies that are making a name for themselves doing this very thing. While I'm not going to name those companies here, I am going to encourage consumers and diesel performance shops alike to do their homework...and to support those businesses that are doing REAL "Research and Development", that are actually creating the new products that are moving our industry forward and that choose to operate in an upstanding/above board manner. Supporting the shops that are sitting back and waiting for the next popular product they can copy and make a profit on might just save a few dollars on the front end, but what happens when the industry innovators quit developing new products because they are tired of being ripped off or because they can no longer afford to watch their R&D dollars turning into sales for a copycat company? What happens when you need real in-depth technical support on that copied product...but the company you bought it from doesn't understand what they are selling becaues they couldn't copy the research and real knowledge that was used to develop it in the first place?

Perhaps because we've done it ourselves, Strictly Diesel is a firm believer is supporting businesses that are innovating and creating unique new products in our industry. We know what it takes to develop a new product from the ground up, to test and modify and test again until you finally get it right and to bring that new product to market not knowing how it will be received or whether it will survive. To all those companies like ours...that pour blood, sweat, tears and money into a new idea in hopes it will be worth the effort...we salute you! You inspire us to seek and try new ideas ourselves and to attempt to truly improve the scope of products available to our customers. We can only hope that we do the same for you.

To the copycat companies that have not yet experienced the process of unique thought, the ones who think that "research and development" is having friends or family order products to hide where they are really going and the fact that they are about to be copied...we reserve a very special place for our true thoughts and feelings about you, a dark and odiferous corner of our being that could only be associated with the type of excrement you so closely represent. Kudos to you for being the worst of the's disturbing to think that you can actually sleep at night!

Dennis Schroeder
Co-Owner - Strictly Diesel