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Snap To Connect (STC) Fitting Upgrade Kit

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Part Number: 4C3Z-9B246-F
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Price: $61.95
This is the "Snap to Connect" (STC) fitting upgrade kit from Ford. This kit fits 2005 thru 2007 Ford 6.0L trucks (built before engine serial number 431736 / build date 2/9/07). This kit replaces the problematic two-piece STC fitting that commonly causes "no start" or "hard start" issues, or unexpected engine shutdown. Ford recommends installation of this kit any time work exposing the high pressure oil pump is being performed.

Contents of this Kit (not all parts shown in photo):
• Support Bracket
• High Pressure Oil Pump Seal Kit
• High Pressure Oil Pump Adapter Fitting
• Branch Tube Adapter Fitting
• Branch Tube and Pump Bolts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Snap To Connect (STC) Fitting Upgrade Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2005 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2006 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2007 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2005 Ford F450 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2006 Ford F450 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2007 Ford F450 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2005 Ford F550 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2006 Ford F550 Super Duty 6.0L
  • 2007 Ford F550 Super Duty 6.0L