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Innovative Diesel 6.0L SCT Tunes

DP-Tuner 6.7L SCT Tunes

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If you DO NOT yet have an SCT Tuner, click this box to check out the X4!

Jody Tipton of DP-Tuner is one of the Premier Powerstroke Diesel tuners in the country. His programming delivers Excellent Horsepower and Torque, Smooth Power Delivery and Quiet Engine Operation. The tuning offered here will be customized to YOUR VEHICLE, please make sure that you provide ACCURATE information about the modifications and use of the vehicle when you complete our Vehicle Information Survey.

TUNE HP / TQ Description
Trans Only +0 RWHP Shifting & TC Lockup Changes Only*
Heavy Tow +35 RWHP Tow up to Max GVWR*
Hwy Daily/Tow +50 RWHP Daily Drive / Hwy Cruising / Moderate Towing*
Mixed Daily/Tow +70 RWHP Daily Drive / for Mixed Driving / Light Towing*
* DPF ENABLED in ALL Tunes - NO "Delete" Tunes Available!

NOTE: Completion of our Vehicle Information Survey is REQUIRED! We can NOT generate programming for your vehicle if this survey is not completed!

We've got all of the tuning options listed below, and you can select more than one item to build the tuning combination that best fits your needs and budget.
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PLEASE NOTE : The "Serial Number" Field Below is REQUIRED, we can't generate the custom tunes you are ordering without this information!

SERIAL NUMBER : This is the Serial Number of your SCT Tuning Device. If you already have a tuner, the S/N is located on the sticker on the back of the device. If the sticker is worn off, you can also get the S/N by plugging in the tuner and selecting "Device Info" from the menu. If you do not yet have your tuner because you are ordering it at the same order as the tunes you are selecting below, enter "THIS ORDER" and we will get the serial number from the unit we are shipping to you.
SCT Serial Number
PLEASE NOTE : The "Vehicle Strategy" Field Below is REQUIRED, we can't generate the custom tunes you are ordering without this information!

VEHICLE STRATEGY : The Strategy is essentially a file name that tells the programmer what code is loaded into your vehicles computer. It is used to create the custom programs for your vehicle. If you do NOT already have an SCT device, and do not have access to one you can borrow, you will have to wait for the SCT device you are ordering from us to arrive to get this information. In this case, enter "THIS ORDER" in the Strategy field and we will know that you will get us the Strategy as soon as we get you the tuner you are ordering.

If you already have an SCT tuner, or you can borrow one from a friend to read the Strategy, simply plug it in to your vehicle, select the "Vehicle Info" menu and follow the prompts. You will need to note both the ECU STRATEGY and the TCU STRATEGY and enter them below in the format of #######-####### (ECU First - TCU Second).
Vehicle Strategy (Format: #######-#######)
Individual STANDARD DP-Tuner Tunes
These tunes are for trucks with MINOR MODIFICATIONS (intake, exhaust, etc). We are NOT currently offering tuning for Trucks with Larger Injector Nozzles, Larger/Dual Fuel Pump Systems, Major Transmission Modifications or Large/Custom Turbos!

If you order STANDARD tuning but have too many modifications, we will contact you to discuss the order.
Trans Only (DP-67L-TUNE) [Add $175.00]
Heavy Tow (DP-67L-TUNE) [Add $175.00]
Highway Daily/Tow (DP-67L-TUNE) [Add $175.00]
Mixed Daily/Tow (DP-67L-TUNE) [Add $175.00]
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  • SCT Serial Number
  • Vehicle Strategy (Format: #######-#######)