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Driven Diesel OBS Race Fuel Supply Kit (Fuelab)
Assembled in USA
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Driven Diesel OBS Race Fuel Supply Kit (Fuelab)

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Fuelab Fuel Pumps are currently on back order from the manufacturer. You may place an order to get in line, but please be aware that we are not expecting delivery of pumps from Fuelab in the near future.

The Driven Diesel RACE Fuel Delivery Kit for the 94-97 "OBS" 7.3L Powerstrokes is the answer to your HIGH PERFORMANCE fuel supply needs. Based on the tough Fuelab Prodigy fuel pump, this kit will ensure that you have plenty of fuel flow and pressure for those high demand injectors and programs. Our OBS Race Fuel Delivery kit features:

NOTE: We no longer include the billet sump with the sump version of our fuel delivery kits. We have sumps available as additional options, but this change allows our customers to use any sump from any vendor, provided it will work with the industry standard fittings we have included in our kit (1/2" NPT or #8 O-Ring Boss). Feel free to choose from the sumps we are offering as options, or to source your sump from any supplier of your choice. Please note that sumps ordered from Strictly Diesel may not ship with the fuel delivery kit, and will arrive in a separate box, as we are not stocking every sump we offer.

INCLUDES Proven Fuelab 41401-1 Prodigy Fuel Pump
• Option to Delete Fuel Pump if Desired
• Kit Also Works with Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pumps!
• Driven Diesel T-304 Stainless Steel "No-Drill" Mounting Bracket
• Rubber Isolator Mounts to Reduce Pump Noise / Vibration
• High Quality Filter Heads with Baldwin Fuel Filters
• Driven Diesel 5/8" Drawstraw -or- Fuel Tank Sump Hardware
• Complete Pump/Filters Assembly is only 13" Wide!
• 15' of Gates #10 Fuel Line and Fittings from Tank to Pump
• 15' of Gates #6 Fuel Line and Fittings from Pump to Engine
• 10' of Gates 5/16" Fuel Line and Clamps (fuel return)
• Driven Diesel OBS Fuel Pump Wiring Harness w/Pump Controller
• All Necessary Hardware for Installation



1. This kit is ELIMINATES the fuel tank selector valve from the fuel path (both supply and return fuel) will need to choose which tank the truck will be running from (front, rear, in-bed, race fuel cell, etc). We HIGHLY RECOMMEND operating from the FRONT tank if possible, as it offers adequate clearnace above the tank for the 5/8" pickup, and has a smoother bottom surface for the sump to seal against. If you will be using the rear tank (whether stock or aftermarket), some modifications to this kit or the fuel tank may be required to cleanly plumb the necessary 5/8" connections to supply the fuel pump. In any case, the fuel supply and fuel return lines will both need to bypass the selector valve and be permanently connected to the same tank. If you still need the capacity of both tanks (for driving range reasons), you will need to devise a method of transferring fuel from the secondary tank to the tank the truck is running from (balance tube, transfer pump, etc). We do not currently offer the parts to complete the connection of a second tank.

2. While we have done everything we can to make this the most compact fuel pump and filter mount on the market at only 13" wide, there are a few applications where the mount will not fit inside the frame. Before ordering, please check your truck for clearance between the front of the fuel tank and the rear of the transfer case (4x4) for the necessary 13"-15" of installation space. If your truck doesn't have enough space inside the frame, this kit CAN be used outside the frame. You will need to disconnect the parking brake cable and route it through our pump mount bracket (we suggest covering it with a piece of split rubber hose as well), and shorten the pump mount bolts that protrude through the rear of the bracket. There should be plenty of extra hose in the kit to cleanly route the fuel lines to this location as well.

3. The stock fuel filter bowl and mechanical fuel pump MUST be removed and a regulated return fuel system installed in their place to use this kit. This Driven Diesel OBS Race Fuel Delivery kit was specifically designed to supply fuel to our OBS "Fuel Bowl Delete" Regulated Return Kit (NOT INCLUDED...see Related Products section below), but it will work equally well with other regulated return fuel systems.

4. DO NOT use our mini ball valves on the #10 (5/8") side of this system. The internal passage of those valves is too small for the inlet side of the Fuelab pump! You CAN use a ball valve on the outlet of the post-pump fuel filter if desired.

5. Due to the differences we have seen in the condition of body mounts on OBS trucks (distance from frame to body), our pump bracket may contact the underside of the vehicle floor. On the few trucks we have found clearance issues on, the contact was very minor and the easiest solution was to carefully push the floor up about 1/4" in the affected area.

* - We make every attempt possible to source and use as much U.S. made product/material as we possibly long as doing so doesn't sacrifice the quality of the final product. Items marked with a * above have been modified or assembled by U.S. workers in a U.S. shop. Items marked with ** above were ENTIRELY produced from U.S. material, in U.S. shops, by U.S. workers. We can't always control where every component of one of our products comes from, but you count on us to keep looking for ways to increase the % of American Made parts and materials in the products that we produce.

If you need to order replacement fuel filters for this kit, you can find them in the "Related Products" section below. This kit uses the Baldwin BF1252 "Pre-Pump" Fuel Filter/Water Separator and the Baldwin BF7633 "Post Pump" Fuel Filter.

STOCK NOTICE : Due to the large number of options within our "Race Fuel Delivery System" line (Fuelab or Dual Bosch, Pickup or Sump, Battery Terminal Size), we do not have these kits pre-assembled and ready to ship. Each kit will be BUILT-TO-ORDER, once the order has been received. PLEASE ALLOW 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR ORDER PROCESSING, KIT ASSEMBLY AND SHIPPING. If you have a need that is more urgent, please call our office and discuss it with a member of our staff to confirm that we can meet your deadline before ordering. Thank You for your patience and understanding!

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Driven Diesel OBS Race Fuel Supply Kit (Fuelab) fits the following vehicle(s):
  • 1994 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1995 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1996 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
  • 1997 Ford F250/350 OBS 7.3L
[All vehicle fits]

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