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Beans Diesel Fuel Tank Sump

Part Number: 280002
Availability: In Stock
Price: $184.95
Fuel Sumps are nothing new these days, you see them everywhere and every company seems to have one. The Beans Diesel sump is machined from 6061 Billet aluminum and is super simple to install. While still using a "no-tank drop" design, they have made this sump to install with a single bolt into a single 3" hole in your tank. This means less places to leak and a much quicker installation. This Beans Tank Sump comes with a 3" hole saw (no extra trips to the hardware store), and all stainless hardware. The single o-ring design creates the perfect seal insuring you have zero leaks.

This is a full size sump with (2) ports, one for the fuel pump and one for return fuel. You can plug the return port (plug is included) if not needed. This sump also features a bottom facing drain plug.

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