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7.3L Fuel Bowl Delete Upgrade Kit

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Part Number: DD-73FS-FBD-UPGRADE
Availability: In Stock
Price: $169.95
If your 99-03 7.3L Ford Super Duty truck has one of our current Standard Regulated Return Fuel System Kits (S.S. Braided Teflon Hose version only), you can use this kit to upgrade it to a FUEL BOWL DELETE style system. This kit ONLY includes the parts necessary to modify an EXISTING Regulated Return Kit, see the important notes below!

This Driven Diesel Fuel Bowl Delete UPGRADE Kit features:

• Compatible with Direct Replacement Single HPOP Setups
• Compatible with "Terminator" Twin (inline) HPOP Setups
• NOT Compatible with Vertically Stacked Dual HPOP Setups
• Secure Bolt-in Installation Using Stock Fuel Bowl Bolts
• Compact Size Tucks Neatly Against the High Pressure Oil Reservoir
• Feeds Fuel at Front of Cylinder Heads...Away from the Turbocharger Heat
• Custom Machined Fuel Bowl Delete Block **
• #6 Male JIC Fittings Pre-Installed in Delete Block
• 3/8" CNC Bent S.S. Hard Line from Bowl Delete Block to Front Fuel Ports in Heads*
• Required Cylinder Head Fittings Included

NOTE: This is NOT a complete fuel system kit, it can NOT be used to delete a fuel filter bowl in an otherwise stock fuel system and should NOT be ordered without a complete understanding of how and why this kit needs to be used. This kit is an upgrade to an existing Regulated Return fuel system or the beginning of a custom regulated return fuel system only. If you are not interested in building your own fuel system and would like to delete the filter bowl and improve the flow and pressure to your fuel injectors, check out our complete Fuel Bowl Delete Regulated Return kit.

Removal of the stock filter bowl requires the use of a quality 2 micron POST-PUMP fuel filter for proper fuel injector protection. Check out our Post Pump Fuel Filter Kit.

This kit was built to upgrade our own Regulated Return Kits. While it may be possible to use this kit to convert another brand of Regulated Return to a Fuel Bowl Delete system, doing so is not something that we can offer support for. Please do not call us and ask how to use this kit with a Regulated Return that we didn't manufacture!

* - We make every attempt possible to source and use as much U.S. made product/material as we possibly long as doing so doesn't sacrifice the quality of the final product. Items marked with a * above have been modified or assembled by U.S. workers in a U.S. shop. Items marked with ** above were ENTIRELY produced from U.S. material, in U.S. shops, by U.S. workers. We can't always control where every component of one of our products comes from, but you count on us to keep looking for ways to increase the % of American Made parts and materials in the products that we produce.

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1. on 6/12/2016, said:
5 stars out of 5
Great product and great people to work with. They were there to answer ANY question and always had helpful advice. The product works wonders with the the rest of the regulated fuel return system. Really makes a huge difference.
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Frequently Asked Questions

7.3L Fuel Bowl Delete Upgrade Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2000 Ford Excursion 7.3L
  • 2001 Ford Excursion 7.3L
  • 2002 Ford Excursion 7.3L
  • 2003 Ford Excursion 7.3L
  • 1999 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 1999.5 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2000 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2001 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2002 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2003 Ford F250/350 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 1999 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 1999.5 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2000 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2001 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2002 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2003 Ford F450 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 1999 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 1999.5 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2000 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2001 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2002 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L
  • 2003 Ford F550 Super Duty 7.3L