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6.0L Master Kit

6.0L Master Kit

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We work on a LOT of 6.0L Powerstroke engines, it's a rare day when there isn't at least one of them in our shop. We've developed a really good process and selection of parts to get them fixed "right". Our 6.0L "Master Kit" was developed out of our experience with fixing many 6.0L Powerstrokes with the most common problems (EGR Cooler Failures, Oil Cooler Failures and Head Gasket Failures). Simply put...

We KNOW how to fix the common 6.0L problems
because we are DOING IT day in and day out!

The Strictly Diesel 6.0L "Master Kit" is extremely flexible. We've built the base kit with the least expensive path to reach your goal of fixing your 6.0L Powerstroke. However, because we realize that not every truck owner uses their truck the same way, there are a number of options for expanding/upgrading the kit to meet YOUR specific needs/goals. Please carefully review the contents of the base kit and then make the option selections that best fit your needs.

This Strictly Diesel "Master Kit" is BUILT-TO-ORDER...based on YOUR needs!
As such, PLEASE allow 2-3 Business Days for Kit Assembly and Packaging.
Thank You Very Much for your Understanding!

The base Strictly Diesel 6.0L "Master Kit" includes all of the following:
   • (1) Set of Head Gaskets* - Choose From:
      • Mahle Head Gaskets**
      • Ford Factory Head Gasket Kits (including new standpipes)***
   • (1) Set of ARP 250-4202 Head Studs
   • NO EGR Hardware - Choose From Optional Upgrades (if needed):
      • (1) Bullet Proof Diesel Heavy Duty EGR Cooler (year specific)
   • (1) Ford Oil Cooler Rebuild Kit incl. New High Pressure Pump Screen
   • (1) Mahle Complete Intake Gasket Set
      • New Intake Gaskets
      • EGR Cooler to Up-Pipe Gasket
      • EGR Cooler to Intake Manifold Gasket
      • Intake Manifold to Front Cover O-Ring
      • Complete Set of Injector O-Rings
      • Intake Elbow and EGR Throttle Plate O-Rings
      • Turbo Oil Feed and Drain Tube O-Rings and Gasket
      • EGR Coolant Feed Housing O-Ring
      • EGR Valve O-Rings and Gasket
   • (1) Mahle Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
   • (1) New OEM Oil Filter

*Head Gaskets are available with 18mm or 20mm dowels. 18mm "Pre-Commonized" dowels are found in trucks built before 01/11/06 (engine serial number 6,000,000 - 6,723,721 or 1 - 299,092). 20mm "Commonized" dowels are found in trucks built on or after 01/11/06 (engine serial number 6,723,722 and higher or 299,093 and higher).

**Mahle head gaskets are manufactured by the same company that produces the Ford OEM head gaskets, on the same production line, using the same tooling. The only differences between the Black Diamond gaskets and the OE gaskets are the color of the sealant on the gasket and the packaging (Ford includes Standpipes in the box and charges more, Victor-Reinz does not include Standpipes).

***Ford Head Gasket Kits include a new high pressure oil rail standpipe in addition to the head gasket. You MUST choose the correct gasket kit for your truck, based on the PRODUCTION DATE of the vehicle! If you are not sure about your production date, your local Ford dealership can provide it to you using your VIN number. Strictly Diesel is NOT responsible for incorrectly selected gasket kits, shipping costs for any "Production Date" related exchanges are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions about any of the options, we want to make sure you get exactly what you need to fix your truck the right way, the first time! Please also see the important notes below!


• The deck surface of the cylinder head is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for proper seal with the head gasket, ESPECIALLY ON THE 6.0L POWERSTROKE! We have seen BRAND NEW cylinder heads that required removal of .005-.007" of the deck to provide a truly flat surface. Because we want you to get the best possible results from the installation of this kit, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you have your cylinder heads resurfaced by a qualified shop while you have them off the engine. The "Straight Edge" test is not even remotely close to accurate, please do not rely on a straight edge and feeler gauges to determine if your heads need to be resurfaced! Failure to properly resurface your cylinder heads will result in increased risk of head gasket sealing issues down the road, particularly if you are running higher than stock power levels!

• Though much less likely to be a problem compared to the cylinder heads, it is still highly recommended that the deck surface of the block be very closely inspected before reassembly. We have seen several instances of head gasket failure with upgraded gaskets, head studs and milled heads...and in almost every case the problem turned out to be on the block side. Since the head gaskets are a known weak link on the 6.0L engine, due dilligence with regard to the quality of the sealing surfaces is CRITICAL!

• ARP Head Studs have very specific installation instructions and include a special lubricant that MUST be used during installation. Failure to follow the ARP instructions exactly as written may result in cylinder head gasket sealing problems.

• Even though you will have the valve covers removed to do this work, it is not necessary to replace the valve cover gaskets. We've found that the 6.0L Valve Cover Gaskets are extremely durable and will re-seal many times over without leakage issues. Unless you physically damage one of the valve cover gaskets, there are better places to spend your money.

• We stock and deal with a very large number of factory Ford gaskets and o-rings for the 6.0L engine. If you have a specific need, please let us know and we'll be happy to accomodate you.

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Ask a Specialist:
Choose Your Head Gaskets:
You may choose between Mahle gaskets and OEM Ford Motor Company gaskets. Mahle gaskets are OEM quality without the OEM extra parts and price. If you choose the Mahle gaskets and would like to add a set of high pressure oil rail standpipes, they are available in the options section at the bottom of the page. Ford head gasket kits include new OEM high pressure oil rail standpipes in addition to the head gaskets.
Ford Early 18mm Head Gaskets (pre 09/30/03 build date) [Add $190.00]
Ford Late 18mm Head Gaskets (09/30/03 - 01/10/06 build date) [Add $190.00]
Ford 20mm Head Gaskets (01/11/06+ build date) [Add $190.00]
Choose Your EGR Cooler Solution:
Many 6.0L owners have already upgraded their EGR cooler during previous repairs, so we don't include any EGR hardware in the base Master Kit®. If needed, we do offer the ability to upgrade to a Bullet Proof Diesel EGR Cooler. 2003 and early 2004 trucks have use the Round cooler, Late 2004 through 2007 trucks use the Square cooler. Make sure you select the correct cooler for your vehicle. Pricing for the BPD Cooler includes the $150 refundable core charge.
No EGR Hardware - I Already Have My Own
Bullet Proof Diesel Water Pump:
Bullet Proof Diesel builds a fantastic billet aluminum water pump for the 6.0L. It features a precision machined housing, billet aluminum (instead of plastic) impeller and top of the line bearings and seal.

2004 is a split model year for water pumps, just like EGR coolers. If your truck has a round EGR cooler, you need the early water pump. If it has a square EGR cooler you need the late water pump.
No Thanks
Bullet Proof Diesel Water Pump (2003 - Early 2004) [Add $349.95]
Bullet Proof Diesel Water Pump (Late 2004 - 2007) [Add $349.95]
Oil Filter Cap:
We've run into a LOT of trucks using incorrect oil filters. Incorrect oil filters do not close the bypass at the bottom of the oil filter canister, allowing dirty oil to bypass the filter all together. We ALWAYS recommend the use of ONLY original equipment Ford Motorcraft filters in the 6.0L Powerstroke, which is why we've included one in the Strictly Diesel 6.0L "Master Kit®". If you have been running one of the "non-Motorcraft" oil filters that came with a taller oil filter cap, you will need to reinstall the original factory cap in order to go back to Motorcraft filters. For those of you that don't have your factory cap, we've included an option to add one to this kit. We've also included the option to upgrade to the Bullet Proof Diesel billet aluminum oil filter cap.
No Thanks!
Add OEM Oil Filter Cap (RK31821) [Add $29.95]
Add Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Oil Filter Cap [Add $118.19]
Add Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Cap Kit (Oil Fill, Oil Filter & Fuel Filter) [Add $229.95]
Choose Additional Optional Upgrades:
Below we've listed a number of additional upgrades that are popular when installing a Master Kit®. Select any upgrades you need or want for your kit.
Driven Diesel Coolant Return Kit
Driven Diesel Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
Ford Updated Turbo Oil Feed Line (2004.5+ Only) (3C3Z-9T516-A)
Ford Updated Turbo Oil Drain Tube (2004.5+ Only) (6C3Z-9T515-A)
2 Ford High Pressure Oil Rail Standpipes for 03-04.25 Trucks (2 x 3C3Z-9A332-AA)
2 Ford High Pressure Oil Rail Feed Hoses for 03-04.25 Trucks (3C3Z-9324-A + 3C3Z-9324-BA)
2 Ford High Pressure Oil Rail Standpipes for 04.5+ Trucks (2 x 6E7Z-9A332-A)
2 Ford High Pressure Oil Rail Dummy Plugs (2004.5+ Only) (2 x W302908)
Ford "Snap to Connect" Fitting Upgrade Kit (2005-2007 Only) (4C3Z-9B246-F)
Cooling System pH Maintenance Kit (test strips and additive) (997 + 2 x 546)
Monitor Critical Temperatures with an Edge Insight CTS2!
Internet Price: $1,508.95 Customized Price: $1,308.95